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Thrashing since 1995

Ever since their very beginning in January 1995, the Austrian Band DARKFALL has been known for high-quality and uncompromising Thrashed Death Metal. With their first releases Winter Leaves (1998) and Dimensions Beyond (1999), as well as with their follow-ups Firebreed (2001) and Phoenix Rising (2006) the band has unarguably left their marks in the landscapes of Extreme Metal.

The boxed set Through Fiery Times And Beyond, released in 2008, finally immortalized the band's first ambitious years. The latest album Road to Redemption (2013) is both a continuation of their legacy and a step towards a new era. A yet untitled full length album is scheduled for late 2016. The story continues.


1998 Winter Leaves
1999 Dimensions Beyond
2001 Firebreed
2004 Dimensions Beyond & Winter Leaves (Re-Release)
2006 Phoenix Rising
2008 Through Fiery Times And Beyond (Boxed Set)
2013 Road To Redemption

Live Experience

DARKFALL have played about 250 shows in countries all over Europe.

Open Air and Festival Shows
Metal Camp, Donauinsel Festival, Metal Days Open Air, Metalfest Austria Open Air, Kaltenbach Open Air, Summer Nights Open Air, Metal Invasion Festival, Hell On Earth Open Air, Rock The Lake Festival, Sick Midsummer Open Air, Eine in Teich Open Air, Gothoom Open Air, Czech Death Fest, River-Side Festival, Queens Of Metal Open Air, Zabbaduschder Open Air, Fuck The Commerce Festival, Next Generation Open Air, Devil Days Open Air, Walpurgis Metal Days, Halloween Metal Festival, Spring Metal Festival, Rocky Mountain Open Air, Open Hell Festival, Bavarian Summer Battle, STP Metal Weekend, Mai Rock Festival, Zonk Festival, Gates Of Darkness Festival, Zizka Festival, Care Festival, Battle Metal Festival, Celtic Metal Festival, Revelation Feast, Wolfsrock Festival, Art Of Darkness Festival, Metal Swamp Festival, Dark Moon Festival, etc.

Battlefield Europe Tour (2005 with In Battle + Desaster)
Nice To Eat You Death Fest Tour (2007 with Prophecy + Rottenness + Fleshless)
Fiery Times In Hellas Tour (2008 with Mahakala)
Fiery Times In Europe Tour (2008 with Return To Innocence + Parsifall)
Maculate Conception Tour (2009 with Bleeding Red)
Bloody Easter Party Tour (2010 with Sanatorium + Ritual Of Odds)
Fiery Times In Suisse Tour (2010 with Dark Moon + Disparaged)
Road To Redemption Tour (2013 + Local Support Acts)

Support Shows
Dark Tranquillity, Behemoth, Dissection, Belphegor, Dismember, Exhumed, Pungent Stench, Haggard, Macabre, Debauchery, etc.