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On the 23rd of June 2017, our new label Black Sunset/MDD Records re-released our album Road To Redemption, originally release in 2013. Please check out the renewed artwork by Michael Freitag and the new promotional video for the track Rise To Dominate.


!!! Breaking news – New album in late summer !!!

On the 23rd of June, Black Sunset/MDD Records re-released our album "Road To Redemption", originally released in 2013. But that is not all: we have also finished working on our new album, which will be released in late summer. The new record will be titled "At The End Of Times" and will include ten songs mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio. "At The End Of Times" combines all our trademarks like brutal but nevertheless epic riffing, blasting drums and harsh growls. The official release show is scheduled for the 8th of September in Graz, Orpheum. More information coming soon!


New shows are confirmed. DARKFALL are going to thrash the following open air festivals in order to celebrate the re-release of Road To Redemption via Black Sunset/MDD Records:

2017/06/23 Vratolom Open Air, Velenje, Slovenia
2017/06/25 Donauinselfest, Vienna, Austria
2017/07/01 Basinfirefest, Spalene Porici, Czech Republic


DARKFALL sign with Black Sunset – a divion of MDD Records. Please read the label’s statement below:

There is new offspring in the MDD family! We welcome the Austrian thrash / death metalers of Darkfall in our ranks, who are going to release their new album this autumn on our sublabel Black Sunset. Already since 1995, the Austrians draw their circles in the metal scene and we are very pleased to the coming cooperation. But before the release of their sixth longplayer in autumn, Black Sunset will re-release their last album "Road To Redemption" this summer as a start to a new era.


Unfortunately, we have to cancel our show at Feel The Noise Festival 2017 due to illness. Sorry for causing any inconveniences. Our replacement will be Infected Rain from Moldavia.


DARKFALL are confirmed for Feel The Noise Festival in Trofaiach, Austria.


New shows have been confirmed and DARKFALL thrash Milan (ITA), Saint-Maurice (SUI) and Vicenza (ITA).

2017/03/09 @ The One Club,  Cassano d’Adda , Milan (ITA)
2017/03/10 @ Le Manoir Pub, Saint-Maurice VS (SUI)
2017/03/11 @ Boston Square, Tezze sul Brenta, Vicenza (ITA)

For more details please check out the tour menu.


DARKFALL are confirmed for Alpine Steel Festival 2017 at Livestage in Innsbruck, Austria on the 4th of March 2017. For more details please check out the tour menu.


Two new shows have been confirmed and DARKFALL are going to thrash in Landshut, Germany and Aflenz, Austria.

2017/02/17 @ Poschinger Villa, Landshut, Germany
2017/02/18 @ Sublime, Aflenz, Austria

Please check out the tour menu for further details. More dates will be announced soon.


DARKFALL are confirmed for METAL UNLEASHED FESTIVAL in Levice, Slovakia and 25 YEARS OF TORTHARRY in Police nad Metuji, Czech Republic.

2016/12/16 @ METAL UNLEASHED FESTIVAL in Levice, Slovakia
2016/12/17 @ 25 YEARS OF TORTHARRY in Police nad Metuji, Czech Republic


After the recent cancellations, we are looking forward to thrashing again:

2016/12/03 in Mürzzuschlag, Austria @ Hot Hellish Night

2017/01/14 in Regensburg, Germany @ Bavarian Hard Roadshow

2017/01/21 in Pilsen, Czech Republic @ Distant Space Vol. 1


!!! Breaking news !!! Cancellation of our next two shows !!!

Unfortunately, one of our guitar players broke one of his fingers and is still recovering from that injury. Therefore we decided to cancel our next shows in Vöcklabruck and Villach both in Austria. We were looking forward to these shows but the fact that we would not have been able to perform at full power forced us to make that unfortunate decision. We feel sorry for the fans and organizers of these shows and want to apologize for any inconveniences our decision might cause. Hopefully, we will be able to catch up on these shows very soon. Our next show is scheduled in Passau, Germany on the 29th of October 2016. Nevertheless, good luck to our brothers in arms Fallen Utopia. And YOU, the fans, enjoy the shows!


A double header lies ahead. DARKFALL thrash Vöcklabruck and Villach both in Austria. For more details please check out the tour menu.


Now you can find an official full album stream of Road To Redemption on YouTube:

Furthermore DARKFALL are going to thrash at Zizka Festival XLIV in Tabor, Czech Republic on the 24th of September 2016. Please check out the tour menu for further details.


Our drummer Thomas Kern has signed a new endorsement deal with Czarcie Kopyto, custom-made drum pedals from Poland.

Furthermore DARKFALL is now supported by ASVÖ Reitclub Rebernik, finest Austrian horse farm.


New festival shows are confirmed. After thrashing Hungary, Czech Republic and Netherlands DARKFALL are to conquer home soil:

13.08.2016 @ Metal On The Hill in Graz, Austria
26.08.2016 @ Headbangers Desaster V in Suben, Austria
27.08.2016 @ Metal Outbreak in Heidenreichstein, Austria

For more details please check out the tour menu.


The first summer open air festival shows are lying ahead and DARKFALL are looking forward to conquering a place near you:

22.07.2016 in Körmend, Hungary @ Total War Fest IV

23.07.2016 in Pohori, Czech Republic @ Agressive Music Fest

30.07.2016 in Steenwijk, Netherlands @ Stonehenge Festival

More open air shows will be announced shortly.


is confirmed for DarConCert-Metalnight. Together with our brothers in metal of DOOMAS and DYSTERSOL we will invade Mürzzuschlag, Austria on the 25th of June 2016. For details please check the tour menu.


are confirmed for Call From The Darkness Festival in Munich, Germany on the 20th of May 2016. For more details please check our tour menu.


Unfortunately, we had to cancel our show in Bratislava, Slovakia. We will catch up on it later this year. The next shows are going to be:

2016/04/01 @ Death Over Munich III, Feierwerk, Munich, Germany
2016/04/08 @ Black N‘ Thrash Inferno, Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany
2016/04/09 @ Brutal Thrash Attack Vol 1, 119.0 FM, Esslingen, Germany

2016/04/22 @ Night Of Terror Vol 26, Pub Korba, Katowice, Poland
2016/04/23 @ Deadly Anthems Vol 1, Klub u Bazyla, Poznan, Poland

For further details please check the tour menu.


A new show has been confirmed. DARKFALL are going to thrash in Bratislava, Slovakia on the 19th of March 2016. The venue is called BRITISH ROCK STARS and we are going to share the stage with our brothers in Metal DEPRESY and COLDBLOODED. See you on the road.

Furthermore we have added a new clip to our Downloads section. It is our summer road movie 2015 with footage from our trips to Carinthia, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Check it out:


Cheers folks. It is 2016 and DARKFALL are back in stock. While January and February are still under the sign of finishing our upcoming album, March will be the start shot to our new live season:

04.03.2016 @ MARK, Salzburg, Austria
05.03.2016 @ Magazinkeller, Bremen, Germany
11.03.2016 @ Schlachthaus, Dornbirn, Austria
12.03.2016 @ Plutoniumhalle, Strasskirchen, Germany

Please check our tour menu for more details. More shows will be announced very soon. Stay tuned.

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