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Upcoming Shows:

23.07.2021 in Mulfingen (GER), Franken
Boarstream Open Air
with Malevolent Creation, Kampfar, Graveworm, Fleshcrawl, Bethlehem, etc.

30.07.2021 in Tolmin (SLO), Open Air Arena
Metal Days
with Amon Amarth, Napalm Death, Death Angel, At The Gates, Benediction, etc.


Past Shows:

11.09.2020 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
Death Ritual Graz
with Vader, Mass Worship, Skull Crusher, Norikum & Evocation

31.01.2020 in Wiener Neustadt (AUT), Sub

Neckbreaker Volume 3
with Graceless, Time To Face Destiny & Epsilon

14.12.2019 in Eindhoven (NED), Effenaar

Eindhoven Metal Meeting
with Paradise Lost, Sodom, Bloodbath, Candlemass, Taake, Dying Fetus, etc.

23.11.2019 in Wien (AUT), Viper Room

with Eisregen, Debauchery, Balgeroth & Mandibula

09.11.2019 in Lendorf (AUT), Kultursaal

Hell Over Vellach
with Varg, Nachtblut, Ektomorf & Imminence

25.10.2019 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv

with Eisregen, Debauchery, Balgeroth & Nemesis My Enemy

19.10.2019 in Belusa (SVK), Kulturny Dom

Belusa Death Fest Volume 13
with Benediction, Suburban Terrorist, Exocrine, Perversity, etc.

21.09.2019 in Passau (GER), Tabakfabrik

with Mortal Infinity, Crystal Death & Refused Absolution

31.08.2019 in Brezova u Sokolova (CZE), Areai Vysluni

Brezovska Noc Metalova Vol. 12
with Balgeroth, Assassin, Bloodphemy, Cuttered Flesh, FOB, etc.

27.07.2019 in Steenwijk (NED), Stationsplein
Stonehenge Festival
with Abbath, I Am Morbid, Aborted, Rotten Sound, Jungle Rot, etc.

20.06.2019 in Leutkirch (GER), Uttenhofen

Aaargh Festival

with Tankard, Helrunar, Milking The Goatmachine, Obscurity, etc.

30.03.2019 in Linz (AUT), Stadtwerkstatt

Shredfest Volume 6
with Thirdmoon, Athiria, Chainbreaker & Black Eyed Swan

23.03.2019 in Tolmin (SLO), Klub Tropicana

Metal Days Warm Up
with Ater Era, Sober Assault & Rodoljubac

22.03.2019 in Ljubljana (SLO), Klub Gromka

Ritval VII
with Ashine

16.02.2019 in Murcia (ESP), Garage Beat Club

Extreme Core Fest
with Avulsed, Vendetta FM, Martyrium, Doomas, Abrupt Demise, etc.

22.12.2018 in Uherske Hradiste (CZE), Klub Mir

Evil Death Festival Volume 2
with Hypnos, Anthem & Incalm

10.11.2018 in Brno (CZE), Faval Music Circus

Waiting For The Winter XI
with Modern Day Babylon, Arch Of Hell, Horrible Creatures & Dustborn

27.10.2018 in Augsburg (GER), Ballonfabrik
The Day The Dead Walked VI
with Revel In Flesh, Aroganz, Menschenfresser, Deadfreight Of Soul, etc.

26.10.2018 in Innsbruck (AUT), PMK

The Death Bash
with Lost Dreams, The Morphean, Trust No1, Black Corona & Reaper’s Call

15.09.2018 in Wolfsberg (AUT), JUZ

with Altar Of I & Calverhine

14.09.2018 in Murska Sobota (SLO), MIKK

MIKK Festival 22
with Cytotoxin, Dekadent & Arch Of Hell

18.08.2018 in Graz (AUT), Kasematten

Metal On The Hill
with Powerwolf, Epica, Eluveitie, Sodom, God Dethroned, etc.

07.07.2018 in Ostry Grun (SVK),  Chalet Kollarova

Gothoom Open Air
with Exodus, Vader, Septic Flesh, Solstafir, Brujeria, Entrails, etc.

30.06.2018 in Altrei (ITA), Festplatz

with Wolfchant, Welicoruss, Varulv, Blood Edition, Virial, etc.

15.06.2018 in Cerveny Kostelec (CZE), Autokemp Brodsky

Czech Death Fest
with Suffocation, Samael, Decapitated, Rotting Christ, Beheaded, etc.

12.05.2018 in Vienna (AUT), Arena

Vienna Metal Meeting
with Abbath, Marduk, Tiamat, Nifelheim, Gama Bomb, etc.

05.05.2018 in Trofaiach (AUT), Mehrzweckhalle

Feel The Noise Festival
with Destruction, Vader, Ektomorf, Deserted Fear, etc.

13.01.2018 in Tregnago (ITA), Sottosopra Pub

Falling In Darkness
with Skorbutiks & Injury

17.11.2017 in Novi Sad (SRB), The Quarter
Addicted To Flesh
with Infest & Quasarborn

04.11.2017 in Liebenfels (AUT), Kulturhaus

with Mortal Strike, Nekrodeus & 4Existence

03.11.2017 in Maribor (SLO), Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna

Defenders Of Metal
with Moshead

31.10.2017 in Mürzzuschlag (AUT), HOT

Hot Halloween Havoc
with Steel Engraved, Skorbutiks, Uzziel & Senntus

21.10.2017 in Augsburg (GER), Ballonfabrik

The Day The Dead Walked Festival Vol. 5
with Profanity, Soul Demise, Necrotted, Deadfreight Of Soul, etc.

14.10.2017 in Vorchdorf (AUT), Kitzmantelfabrik

Metal Night Outbreak V

with The Unguided, We Blame The Empire, Call The Mothership, Uzziel, etc.

07.10.2017 in Salzburg (AUT), MARK

Dead Rock City

with Dead Knowledge & Lowbau

06.10.2017 in Wels (AUT), Schlachthof

Rock im Sixpack
with Bridear, Pornthegore, Nemesis My Enemy, Among The Gods, etc.

30.09.2017 in Sankt Pölten (AUT), Frei.Raum

STP Metal Weekend

with Deserted Fear, Fleshcrawl, Revel In Flesh, Tulsadoom, etc.

29.09.2017 in Vienna (AUT), Escape

Album Release Show
with Entwerter, Camp Chaos, Flesh Storm & Time To Face Destiny

17.09.2017 in Bratislava (SVK), Randal Club

Gutter Society
with Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy & April Weeps

16.09.2017 in Banska Bystrica (SVK), Tartaros Club

Manifest Of Brutality VI
with Abstract, River Of Time, Perversity & Patriarcha

15.09.2017 in Budweis (CZE), MC Fabrika

Minds Apart Tour
with Eminence & Marked As An Enemy

14.09.2017 in Wurz (GER), O'Schnitt Halle

Storm Crusher Festival
with Exciter, Toxik, Satan, Tygers Of Pang Tang, Sacred Steel, etc.

09.09.2017 in Falkenfels (GER), Festivalgelände

Hard Summer Festival
with Visions Of Atlantis, Deja Vu, Hammer King, Artic Flame, etc.

08.09.2017 in Graz (AUT), Orpheum

Album Release Show
with Irdorath, Seduced, Proll Guns & Aequinox

26.08.2017 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Kaltenbachgraben

Kaltenbach Open Air
with Vader, Cryptopsy, Ragnarok, Horna, Vital Remains, etc.

01.07.2017 in Spalene Porici (CZE), Open Air

with The Exploited, Pro-Pain, Jinjer, Tortharry, Steel Engraved, etc.

25.06.2017 in Vienna (AUT), Donauinsel
with Visions Of Atlantis, Boon, Tulsadoom, Mortal Strike, Uzziel, etc. 

23.06.2017 in Velenje (SLO), Letni Kino

Vratolom Open Air

with Eruption, Armaroth, Pigs Parlament, Decage & Srd

11.03.2017 in Tezze sul Brenta, Vicenza (ITA), Boston Square

with Skorbutkis & Fate Unburied

10.03.2017 in Saint-Maurice VS (SUI),  Le Manoir Pub

with Deus Ex Machina & Supports

09.03.2017 in
Cassano d’Adda , Milan (ITA), The One Club
with Overlapping Thoughts & Supports

04.03.2017 in Innsbruck (AUT), Livestage
Alpine Steel Festival Vol. III
with Serenity, Ravenous, Mortal Strike, Veil Of Deception, etc.

18.02.2017 in Aflenz (AUT), Sublime

with Dystersol, Justice Lost & Borzep

17.02.2017 in Landshut (GER), Poschinger Villa

with Sucking Leech, Macabre Demise & Uprising Of A Fallen

21.01.2017 in Pilsen (CZE), Divadlo Pod Lampou

Distant Space Vol. 1
with Nahum, InnerSphere & Arch Of Hell

14.01.2017 in Regensburg (GER), Alte Mälzerei

Bavarian Hard Roadshow
with Crystal Death, Diabolos Dust & Morbid Sky

17.12.2016 in Police nad Metuji (CZE), Music Hall Zderina

25 Years Of Tortharry

with Tortharry, Avulsed, Abrupt Demise & Antigod

16.12.2016 in Levice (SVK), Erko Club
Metal Unleashed Festival

with Doomas, Achsar & Zriebädlo

03.12.2016 in Mürzzuschlag (AUT), HOT

Hot Hellish Night

with Spasm, Tortharry, Anthem, Deadfreight Of Soul, Ebony Archways & Ranz

24.09.2016 in Tabor (CZE), Club Milenium

Zizka Festival XLIV
with Hypnos, Trollech, F.O.B., Abstract, Mater Monstifera, etc.

27.08.2016 in Heidenreichstein (AUT), Margithalle

Metal Outbreak
with Mortal Strike, Sign Of Decay, Uzziel, Enclave, etc.

26.08.2016 in Suben (AUT), Huber Hof

Headbangers Desaster V
with Venom Inc., Graveworm, Haemorrhage, Tulsadoom, etc.

13.08.2016 in Graz (AUT), Kasematten

Metal On The Hill

with Arch Enemy, Satyricon, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, etc.

30.07.2016 in Steenwijk (NED), Stationsplein

Stonehenge Festival
with Dying Fetus, Immolation, Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation, etc.

23.07.2016 in Pohori (CZE), u Dobrusky

Agressive Music Fest
with Dust Bolt, Tortharry, Root, Bewized, Poppy Seed Grinder, etc.

22.07.2016 in Körmend (HUN), Raba Szabadido Kozpont
Total War Fest IV
with Sear Bliss, Arkona, Sacrificial Slaugther, Age Of Agony, etc.

25.06.2016 in Mürzzuschlag (AUT), Hot
with Doomas & Dystersol

20.05.2016 in Munich (GER), Garage Deluxe

Call From The Darkness Festival
with Thyrgrim, Waldgeflüster, Renegade & Sadistic Sacrament

23.04.2016 in Poznan (POL), Klub u Bazyla

Deadly Anthems Vol 1
with Anthem, Antigod, Bekari & Diphtheria

22.04.2016 in Katowice (POL), Pub Korba

Night Of Terror Vol 26
with Symbolical, Antigod, Anthem & Planet Hell

09.04.2016 in Esslingen (GER), 119.0 FM

Brutal Thrash Attack Vol 1
with Entera, Entorx & Raw Ensemble

08.04.2016 in Essen (GER), Zeche Carl
Black N’ Thrash Inferno
with Onkel Tom Angelripper, Desaster, Warpath, etc.

01.04.2016 in Munich (GER), Feierwerk

Death Over Munich III
with Revel In Flesh, Hailstone, Gilgamesh & Amplified Memory

12.03.2016 in Strasskirchen (GER), Plutoniumhalle

Bavarian Hard Festival
with Freedom Call, Steel Engraved, Black Abyss, Doomas, etc.

11.03.2016 in Dornbirn (AUT), Schlachthaus

with Doomas & Clint

05.03.2016 in Bremen (GER), Magazinkeller

Freie Geister Festival
with Aeba, Kali Yuga, Maat, Asator, Hassmord, Aigilas, etc.

04.03.2016 in Salzburg (AUT), MARK

The Morbid Feast
with Eyeconoclast, Lelahell & Sucking Leech

12.12.2015 in Würzburg (GER), B-Hof

Würzburger Rocknächte XVII
with Soul Demise, Spellbound & Horrormance

11.12.2015 in Salzburg (AUT), Rockhouse

with Proll Guns, The Unshaved Truth & Daze Affect

05.12.2015 in Mürzzuschlag (AUT), Hot

Hot Hellish Night
with Fallen Utopia, Soul Demise, F.O.B., Darkmoon, Abstract & Ranz

07.11.2015 in Graz (AUT), Club Q

with Uzziel & Bäd Hammer

31.10.2015 in Niklasdorf (AUT), VAZ
Rock On Halloween
with The Sorrow, Dust Bolt, Vinegar Hill, Ashes Of Moon & APIS

23.10.2015 in Vienna (AUT), Escape

with Debauchery, Sors Immanis & Catastrofear

20.08.2015 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Kaltenbachgraben

Kaltenbach Open Air
with Marduk, Dark Funeral, Agalloch, Krisiun, God Dethroned, etc.

01.08.2015 in Krhanice (CZE), Fotbalove Hriste
Krhanice Open Air
with F.O.B., Perfecitizen, Sarcom, Aggressive Tyrants, etc.

31.07.2015 in Ostry Grun (SVK), Arealy Chata Kollarova
Gothoom Open Air
with Insomnium, Agalloch, Cryptopsy, Broken Hope, Rotten Sound, etc.

11.07.2015 in Esslingen (GER), Eishalle

River-Side Festival
with End Of Green, Antimatter, Killing Age, My Own God & Underpaid

20.06.2015 in Klagenfurt (AUT), Volxhaus

with Unhallowed, Fallen Utopia & Supports

13.06.2015 in Cerveny Kostelec (CZE), Camp Brodsky
Metal Gate Czech Death Fest
with Morgoth, Graveworm, Dew-Scented, Houwitser, Tortharry, etc.

13.09.2014 in Villach (AUT), Kulturhofkeller

Sona Fest
with Sertycon, Beyond The Horizon, Scorse Of Morte & Bulldozer

22.08.2014 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Open Air

Kaltenbach Open Air
with Sodom, Belphegor, Aborted, Grave, Kampfar, etc.

24.07.2014 in Tolmin (SLO), Open Air
with Megadeth, Heaven Shall Burn, Children Of Bodom, Satyricon, etc.

11.07.2014 in Arriach (AUT), Open Air
Eine in Teich
with Dark Fortress, Gutalax, Hellsaw, Spasm, Harakiri For The Sky, etc.

05.07.2014 in Scharnstein (AUT), Open Air

Sick Midsummer
with Thirdmoon, Selbstentleibung, Thyrgrim, Panychida, Mammon, etc.

29.06.2014 in Vienna (AUT), Open Air

with Days Of Loss, Cannonball Ride, Mortal Strike, Ecliptica, Enclave, etc.

21.06.2014 in Trhove Sviny (CZE), Open Air

Apocalyptic Form Of Death
with Inferno, Gutalax, Isacaarum, Mater Monstifera, F.O.B., etc.

12.04.2014 in Vienna (AUT), Escape

Black n‘ Thrash Inferno
with Assassin, Paragon, Imperium Dekadenz, Nocturnal, etc.

11.04.2014 in Pilsen (CZE), Parlament Club
with Et Moriemur, Relinquished & Gate Of Illusions

05.04.2014 in Murska Sobota (SLO), MIKK
Metal Klavnica XXXVII
with Incarnated & Kripl

04.04.2014 in Graz (AUT), Club Q

Tribute To Our Fans
with Bloodliner

28.03.2014 in Gleisdorf (AUT), Kulturkeller
with Mastic Scum & Sole Method

22.03.2014 in Salzburg (AUT), MARK
with Amongst The Deceit & Mammon

21.03.2014 in Budapest (HUN), Showbarlang
with Kill With Hate, Deathstruck, Effrontery & Meankind

20.03.2014 in Bratislava (SVK), U Očka

with Negura Bungent, Lunatic Gods & Aeon Winds

14.12.2013 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Nightforest, Outrage, Eternal Torture, Rectal Rooter & Bloodliner

07.12.2013 in Trofaiach (AUT), Sporthalle

Hell Of The Noise Festival
with Devastating Enemy, La Resistance, Vinegar Hill & Trapped By The Ocean

29.11.2013 in Graz (AUT), Orpheum

European Construct 2013
with Dark Tranquillity & Tristania

22.11.2013 in Prague (CZE), Kain Club

Poppy Seed Grinder’s 15th Anniversary
with Poppy Seed Grinder, Belligerence & The Agony

05.11.2013 in Vienna (AUT), Viper Room

Darkened Disorder
with Requiem & Void Creation

02.11.2013 in Graz (AUT), PPC

Welcome To Hell
with Irdorath & Fallen Utopia

01.11.2013 in Esslingen (GER), Komma
Fatal Spheres III
with Contamination, Torment Tool & Corexit

31.10.2013 in Mürzzuschlag (AUT), Hot

with Ranz, Epsilon, La Resistance & Remember This Day

26.10.2013 in St. Pölten (AUT), Frei:Raum

Tales From The Moshpit - Chapter XL
with Upon A Red Sky, Irdorath, Agregator & Harbinger

12.10.2013 in Deutschlandsberg (AUT), Medusa

Road To Redemption Release Show
with Nekrodeus & Bloodliner

11.10.2013 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum

Road To Redemption Release Show
with Scarecrow N.W.A. & Balphares

02.08.2013 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Kaltenbachgraben

Metal Invasion Open Air
with  Soilwork, Vader, Napalm Death, Morgoth, Naglfar, etc.

04.07.2013 in Graz (AUT), Club Q
European Takeover 2013
with Exhumed & Minatoria

08.06.2013 in Klagenfurt (AUT), Kwadrat

Road To Redemption Release Show
with Groteskh, Unhallowed & Horns Of Hattin

07.06.2013 in Kufstein (AUT), Kufa

Road To Redemption Release Show
with Suicide, Asphagor, Sibirian Trainstation & Alforna

01.06.2013 in Zell am See (AUT), Jibs
Road To Redemption Release Show
with Across A Blackened Sky & Chemical Cancer

31.05.2013 in Micheldorf (AUT), Disturbance
Road To Redemption Release Show
with Uzziel, Die Cut, Curious & DisturB

25.05.2013 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
Road To Redemption Release Show
with Scarecrow NWA, Across A Blackened Sky, Uzziel & Groteskh

24.05.2013 in Vienna (AUT), Escape
Road To Redemption Release Show
with Days Of Loss, Psychospank, Tears Of Wrath & District Illusion

28.10.2011 in Vienna (AUT), Replugged

with Tears of Wrath, Cremation & Isomorphis

24.09.2011 in Braunau am Inn (AUT), Veranstaltungszentrum
Metal Orgy Festival
with Kontrust, Sarepta, Tuxedo, Dead Knowledge, Painful, Delirium’s Dawn, etc.

16.09.2011 in Gleisdorf (AUT), Kulturkeller
Metal Night
with Blessmon, Bloodfeast, Terminus & Night Falls Last

29.07.2011 in Vienna (AUT), Escape
Escape Metalfest
with Perishing Mankind, Enclave, Harmanic, Dust Bolt, Molokh, etc.

02.07.2011 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv

with Tyranny, Norikum, Klynt & I Shall Rise

04.06.2011 in Murska Sobota (SLO), MIKK

Metal Klavnica XXV
with Dalkhu & Reanima

27.05.2011 in Mining am Inn (AUT), Schloss Mamling
Metalfest Austria
with Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Arch Enemy, Saxon, Cradle of Filth, Sodom, etc.

30.04.2011 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
Bang Your Head
with Mardy Gra & Derrisch

09.04.2011 in Aflenz (AUT), Sublime
Support Your Local Metal Scene Vol. 1
with Hellsaw, Ekpyrosis, Asmodeus, Warlords & The Black of Second Garden

08.04.2011 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum

with Ekpyrosis & Damalost

03.12.2010 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv

Bone Breakers Ball
with Cremation, Scarecrow NWA, Goddamned X & High Heel Horndog

19.11.2010 in Weiz (AUT), Volkshaus

Fest der Pfosten
with Mambo Kurt, Belphegor, Mastic Scum & Norikum

30.10.2010 in Klagenfurt (AUT), Volkshaus

with Scarecrow NWA, Irdorath & Sentimentalistic Bitches

29.10.2010 in Graz (AUT), Club Q
with Scarecrow NWA, Cremation & No Fate

23.10.2010 in Vienna (AUT), Escape

with Prosperity Denied, Bleeding Red, Mitigate & Void Creation

22.10.2010 in Aalen (GER), Rock It
with Debauchery, Bleeding Red & Prosperity Denied

15.10.2010 in Passau (GER), X-Point Halle

Metal Invasion IV
with Sodom, Korpiklaani, Ektomorf, Eluveitie, Kalmah, Belphegor, etc.

09.10.2010 in Gleisdorf (AUT), Kulturkeller

Blood n’ Core III
with In Slumber, Triad, Give ‘em Blood & Within the Tides

09.10.2010 in Steyr (AUT), Jugendzentrum

After Dark Festival
with Darkmind, Stand Ablaze, Privilege of Approval & Uzziel

18.09.2010 in Budweis (CZE), Marty’s Club

with Troodon, Arachne & Slasher

17.09.2010 in Prague (CZE), Exit Chmelnice

Visions of Apocalypse Festival
with Tortharry, Mincing Fury, Sepsis, Pikodeath, Inborned Lycanthropy & Promises

27.08.2010 in Marbach an der Krems (AUT), Steinbruch
Stonecrusher Open Air
with Supersonic, Prosperity Denied, Basanos & Epsilon

07.08.2010 in Mönichkirchen (AUT), Hauptplatz
Rocky Mountain Festival
with A Traitor Like Judas, The Excrementory Grindfuckers, Basanos, etc.

30.07.2010 in St. Johann im Walde (AUT), Sportplatz
Waldstock Open Air
with Mely, Putrid & Trust No 1

17.07.2010 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Kaltenbachgraben
Kaltenbach Open Air
with Dying Fetus, Asphyx, Primordial, Dark Funeral, Aborted, Holy Moses, etc.

28.05.2010 in Leoben (AUT), Kulturkeller

with Death Mentality & Count On Us

07.05.2010 in Scheifling (AUT), Biker Bar
Mai Rock Festival
with Requiem, Erebos & Path of Golconda

17.04.2010 in Sursee (SUI), Kulturwerk 118

Fiery times in Suisse Tour
with Burden of Grief, Darkmoon & Arcturon

16.04.2010 in Thun (SUI), The Rock
Fiery times in Suisse Tour
with Disparaged & Darkmoon

05.04.2010 in Budapest (HUN), Blue Hell
with Sanatorium, Ritual of Odds & supports

04.04.2010 in Vienna (AUT), Viper Room
with Sanatorium, Ritual of Odds & supports

03.04.2010 in Zilina (SVK), Boonker
with Sanatorium, Ritual of Odds & supports

02.04.2010 in Murska Sobota (SLO), MIKK
Bloody Easter Party Tour
with Sanatorium, Ritual of Odds & support

13.03.2010 in Würzburg (GER), Bechtolsheimer Hof
Care Festival
with Soul Demise, Dark Age, Parsifall, Abyss of Destruction, Kelebra, etc.

05.03.2010 in Graz (AUT), Club Q
15th Anniversary Show
with Scarecrow NWA, BoRo & Redneck Radio

09.01.2010 in Györ (HUN), Red Rocket Music Club
Attack of the Clones
with Casketgarden, 1 Kill Embrace & Endless River

08.01.2010 in Tatabanya (HUN), Roxxy Music Club
X. Harag Nap Ja Festival
with Casketgarden, I Divine, Crusted & Agregator

26.12.2009 in Hartberg (AUT), Edelweisshalle
Knut Fest
with Outrage, So I Sin, Lox-P & Sleek

06.12.2009 in Banska Bystrica (SVK), Tirish Pub

Maculate Conception Tour
with Proglas & Morted

05.12.2009 in Aalen (GER), Rock It

Maculate Conception Tour
with Bleeding Red & Disinfect

04.12.2009 in Vienna (AUT), Escape
Maculate Conception Tour
with Bleeding Red, Tears of Wrath, Mitigate & Enclave

28.11.2009 in Leoben (AUT), Kulturkeller

with Sadako & Illuminata

27.11.2009 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
with Sole Method & Conspiracy Unmasked

25.10.2009 in Vorchdorf (AUT), Kitzmantelfabrik
Dark Seasons Metalfest
with Dornenreich, Dysthemia & Vire

25.09.2009 in St. Pölten (AUT), Frei.Raum

STP Metal Weekend
with Hollenthon, Trashcanned, Distorted Impalement, Artas, Mely, Epsilon, etc.

05.09.2009 in Unterbuch (AUT), Raiffeisenhalle

Hell Force Festival
with So I Sin, Blessmon, Interregnum & Satanic Cockrockers

05.09.2009 in Annenheim (AUT), Tennis Center
Rock the Lake Festival
with The Sorrow, Maroon, Exilia, Debauchery, Hackneyed, Ultrawurscht, etc.

15.08.2009 in Niederöblarn (AUT), Flugplatz
Next Generation Open Air
with Destruction, Belphegor, Hollenthon, Tyr, Endstille, Mastic Scum, etc.

01.08.2009 in Stallhof (AUT), Gelände Cafe Fragezeichen

Woodstone Festival
with Anima, Distorted Impalement, Parental Advisory, Scarecrow NWA etc.

10.06.2009 in Graz (AUT), Forum Stadtpark

Explosiv Benefit Show
with Perishing Mankind, The Crimson, Counterweight & Thanasyris

23.05.2009 in Mining am Inn (AUT), Burg Frauenstein

Summer Nights Open Air
with Arch Enemy, Satyricon, Kreator, Sodom, Kataklysm, Behemoth, etc.

16.05.2009 in Hackenbuch (AUT), Sportplatz

Zonk Festival
with Cataract, Outrage, Misbegotten, Misery System, Gods of Emptiness, etc.

15.05.2009 in Scheifling (AUT), Festarena

Mai Rock Festival
with Disastrous Murmur, Erebos & Ketelens Brukke

09.05.2009 in Gleisdorf (AUT), Kulturkeller
Insane Benefit Night
with Scarecrow NWA, Void Creation & Damage

25.04.2009 in Brno (CZE), Faval
Metal Swamp Festival XXXVII
with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Seeds of Sorrow, Beltaine, Infer, etc.

24.04.2009 in Graz (AUT), After Sun

Gates of Darkness Festival III
with Sanatorium, Inzest, Scarecrow NWA, The Crimson & Beneath Dying Skies

21.03.2009 in Tabor (CZE), Club Milenium

Zizka Festival XXIX
with Crises Never Ends, Despise, Trollech, F.O.B., Fourth Face & supports

06.03.2009 in Vienna (AUT), Escape
Escape Birthday Bash
with Cataract, Chaos Beyond, Void Creation & Sighma

28.02.2009 in Micheldorf (AUT), Jugendzentrum

Baraka's Metal Night IV
with Warlords, Uzziel & Zores

27.02.2009 in Leoben (AUT), Kulturkeller

Metal Night
with Cremation & Legio Mortis

21.11.2008 in Wolfsberg (AUT), Jugendkulturzentrum
with Excrementory Grindfuckers & Rotten Cold

25.10.2008 in Graz (AUT), After Sun
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Parsifall, Prosperity Denied & supports

24.10.2008 in Vienna (AUT), Escape
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Parsifall, Prosperity Denied & supports

23.10.2008 in Innsbruck (AUT), Hafen
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Parsifall, Prosperity Denied & supports

22.10.2008 in Stuttgart (GER), Landespavillon
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Parsifall & Prosperity Denied

21.10.2008 in Frankfurt am Main (GER), Die Halle
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Parsifall & Prosperity Denied

20.10.2008 in Würzburg (GER), AKW
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Parsifall & Prosperity Denied

19.10.2008 in Prague (CZE), Kain Club
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Prosperity Denied & supports

18.10.2008 in Banska Bystrica (SVK), Kino Hvezda
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Prosperity Denied & supports

17.10.2008 in Budapest (HUN), Viper Room
Fiery times in Europe Tour
with Return to Innocence, Prosperity Denied & supports

11.10.2008 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Volksheim
with Heathen Foray & Vinegar Hill

10.10.2008 in Lienz (AUT), Creativ Center
Raise your Noise II
with Stockholm Syndrom & Aitvara s

31.05.2008 in Würzburg (GER), Bechtolsheimer Hof
Care Festival
with Apokrypha, Goddamned X, Voice of Revenge & Aeon of Decay

16.05.2008 in Scheifling (AUT), Festarena
Mai Rock Festival
with Erebos, Stockholm Syndrom & Dead End Progress

10.05.2008 in Mosonmagyarovar (HUN), University Club

Springtime Carnage IV
with Casketgarden, Dim Vision & Fallen Into Ashes

19.04.2008 in Graz (AUT), Arcadium
Live Release Party
with Outrage, Misbegotten, God of Rotors & Vinegar Hill

18.04.2008 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
Live Release Party
with God of Rotors & Conspiracy Unmasked

18.04.2008 in Wildon (AUT), Kultursaal

Gates of Darkness Festival
with Suidakra, Lords of Decadence, Distorted Impalement, Eventide, etc.

29.03.2008 in Larisa (GRE), Stage Club
Fiery times in Hellas Tour
with Mahakala, Spitback & Scars

28.03.2008 in Thessaloniki (GRE), Eightball Club
Fiery times in Hellas Tour
with Mahakala, Fly on a Carrion & Senseless

27.03.2008 in Athens (GRE), AN Club
Fiery times in Hellas Tour
with Mahakala, Noiselust & Static Intensity

23.03.2008 in Prague (CZE), Kain Club
with Unborn, Goddamned X & Dalgoreth

22.03.2008 in Josefuv Dul (CZE), Pod Lipami
Metal Night XXXIV
with Sepsis, Needful Things, Return To Innocence & Rain Shadow

15.03.2008 in Essen (GER), Turock
Battle Metal Festival
with Suidakra, Obscurity, Fjoergyn, Kromlek & Minjar

14.03.2008 in Cologne (GER), Underground

Battle Metal Festival
with Suidakra, Obscurity, Fjoergyn & Kromlek

08.03.2008 in Hallein (AUT), Ziegelstadl
Celtic Metal Festival III
with Sepsis, Low Chi, Trashcanned, Alphawolf, etc.

31.10.2007 in Banska Bystrica (SVK), Rock Klub Tartaros

Celebration of Souls Festival
with Goddamned X, Disaster & supports

27.10.2007 in Deutschlandsberg (AUT), Lassnitzhaus
Revelation Feast IV
with Collapse 7, Stand Ablaze, Bloodfeast, Kissing Disease, etc.

06.10.2007 in Prague (CZE), Black Pes
NTEY Death Fest Tour
with Prophecy, Rottenness, Fleshless, Malignat Tumour & supports

05.10.2007 in Bischofswerda (GER), East Club
NTEY Death Fest Tour
with Prophecy, Rottenness, Fleshless, Malignat Tumour & supports

22.09.2007 in Tabor (CZE), Housuv Mlyn
Zizka Festival XXVII
with Fall of Serenity, Poppy Seed Grinder, FOB, Mater Monstifera, etc.

08.09.2007 in St. Michael / Lavanttal (AUT), Festhalle
Wolfsrock Festival
with Disastrous Murmur, Rotten Cold, Stand Ablaze, Erebos, etc.

31.08.2007 in Villach (AUT), Open Air
Rock the Lake Festival
with Gotthard, JBO, Pain, Graveworm, Disbelief, etc.

25.08.2007 in Großsteinbach (AUT), Kulturhaus
AUTScream Festival
with Alf Poier, Jack Frost, Sanguis Et Cinis, Jerx, etc.

18.08.2007 in Prerov (CZE), Open Air
Mamut Fest
with Illdisposed, Root, Locomotive, Dissolution, etc.

14.07.2007 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Open Air
Kaltenbach Open Air
with The Haunted, Dark Funeral, Vader, Belphegor, etc.

23.06.2007 in Trhove Sviny (CZE), Open Air
Apocalyptic Form of Death Festival
with Debustrol, Mater Monstifera, Trollech, FOB, etc.

06.06.2007 in Graz (AUT), PPC
Explosiv Still Alive VII
with Cremation, Sindustry, Eventide & Kid Poetry

11.05.2007 in Scheifling (AUT), Festarena

Mai Rock Festival
with Erebos & Stand Ablaze

04.05.2007 in Leoben (AUT), Kulturkeller

Soul of Metal on Tour
with Eventide, Scarecrow NWA, Dusk Ritual & supports

30.04.2007 in Micheldorf (AUT), Freizeitzentrum
Soul of Metal on Tour
with Dusk Ritual, Insane & supports

31.03.2007 in Germete (GER), Schützenhalle
Art of Darkness Festival
with Burden of Grief, Gutlock & supports

30.03.2007 in Braunschweig (GER), B58

Hotel 666 Event
with Burden of Grief, Manatark & Twilight Prophecies

24.02.2007 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Volksheim
with Conspiracy Unmasked & Erebos

25.11.2006 in Weiz (AUT), Volkshaus
Fest der Pfosten
with Pungent Stench, Kissing Disease, Ars Moriendi & Raw

03.11.2006 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Sanatorium, Azrael, Kroen-Morth & Wydfaras Prophecy

28.10.2006 in Salzburg (AUT), ARGE

Halloween Metal Festival

with Belphegor, Neaera, The Vision Bleak, Dark Fortress & Olemus

21.10.2006 in Mosonmagyarovar (HUN), University Club
with Empyema, Casketgarden & Embers

20.10.2006 in Budapest (HUN), Blue Hell

with Casketgarden & Damned Spirits Dance

23.07.2006 in Tolmin (SLO), Open Air
Metal Camp
with Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, etc.

21.07.2006 in Urbach (GER), Open Air

Zabbaduschder Open Air
with Belphegor, Criminal, Born from Pain, Davidian, etc.

17.06.2006 in Kleinwenkheim (GER), Open Air

Queens of Metal Open Air
with Unleashed, Morgana Lefay, Dew Scented, Communic, etc.

27.05.2006 in Bad Aibling (GER), Open Air

Bavarian Summer Battle
with Debauchery, Commander, Dead Emotions, Syncronomica, etc.

13.05.2006 in Vienna (AUT), Escape

Metal Zone Kaltenbach Pt. 2
with F.O.B., Rites of Undeath, Devanic, Eyetolegy, etc.

29.04.2006 in Hauzenberg (GER), Festplatz
Walpurgis Metal Days VI
with Hate Eternal, Belphegor, Dew Scented, Fleshcrawl, etc.

22.04.2006 in Brno (CZE), Svatoboj
Metal Swamp Festival XXIV
with Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Ador Dorath, Hyperion, etc.

07.04.2006 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv

with Cremation, Outrage, Crusade & Dusk Ritual

11.03.2006 in Ostrava (CZE), Club Prostor Tancirna
with Sacrosanctum, Live Evil & Scenery

10.03.2006 in Prerov (CZE), Club Suplik

with Sacrosanctum & Galadriel

09.12.2005 in Bratislava (SVK), Sub-Club
with Dogma Inc., Svablast & Agregath

19.11.2005 in Ridanna (ITA), Alans Keller
with Dei Sacrificium, Hypocriticals & Goddammned X

29.10.2005 in Slovenji Grade c (SLO) , Kulturni dom Stari Trg
with Wartune, Goddamned X & Quest

15.10.2005 in Schweinfurt (GER), Jugendhaus
with Hatred, Xenotaph & Mindcrime

16.07.2005 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Open Air

Kaltenbach Open Air
with Destruction, Dissection, Primordial, Illdisposed, etc.

25.06.2005 in Tolmin (SLO), Open Air
Metal Camp
with Slayer, Obituary, Anthrax, Children of Bodom, etc.

11.06.2005 in St. Leonhard am Forst (AUT), Open Air
Devil Days Open Air
with Benediction, God Dethroned, Rotting Christ, Totenmond, etc.

04.05.2005 in Luckau (GER), Open Air
Fuck the Commerce VIII
with Suffocation, Entombed, Impaled Nazarene, Jungle Rot, etc.

26.03.2005 in Salzburg (AUT), ARGE
Spring Metal Festival
with Behemoth, In Battle, Seraph, Tesstimony, Avatar & Goddamned X

25.03.2005 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Behemoth, Crowbar, In Battle, Sear Bliss & Goddamned X

24.03.2005 in Nova Gorica (SLO), Mostovna
with In Battle, Desaster, Delirious & Goddamned X

23.03.2005 in Vienna (AUT), Planet Music
with In Battle, Desaster, Delirious & Goddamned X

21.11.2004 in Graz (AUT), PPC

with Dissection, Watain, Sanguis & Goddamned X

20.11.2004 in Vienna (AUT), Planet Music

with Dissection, Watain, Sanguis & Goddamned X

13.11.2004 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Dismember, Anata, Psycroptic & Soul Demise

05.11.2004 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum
with Seeds of Sorrow, Erebos & 13 Stabs in the Throat

04.10.2003 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Volksheim
with Firestorm, Cockroach & Delete

26.09.2003 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Khagan, Erebos & Blessmon

20.09.2003 in Windischgarsten (AUT), Volksheim
Total Eclipse Festival

with Cremation, Seasons of Anger, Stand Ablaze & Azrael

19.07.2003 in Helfenberg (AUT), Open Air
Dark Moon Festival
with Darkwell, Legacy of Hate, Morbid Breed, Bloodfeast, etc.

12.07.2003 in Spital am Semmering (AUT), Open Air
Kaltenbach Open Air
with Belphegor, Enthroned, Dew Scented, Disbelief, etc.

27.07.2002 in Volyne (CZE), Open Air
Open Hell Fest
with Hypnos, Diabolical, In Aeternum, Centinex, etc.

29.06.2002 in Köflach (AUT), Jugendzentrum
with Seasons of Anger & Vargsriket

18.05.2002 in Völkermarkt (AUT), Neue Burg
with Khagan, Lunacy, Mely & Exterior

26.04.2002 in Trofaiach (AUT), Kleiner Stadtsaal
with La Resistance & True Illusion

12.03.2002 in Bruck/Mur (AUT), Wirtschaftskammer
with Silent Agony

16.02.2002 in St. Pölten (AUT), Underground
with Asphyxia

09.02.2002 in Graz (AUT), Club Q
with Evocation, Asphyxia & Violent Devoties

15.12.2001 in Klagenfurt (AUT), Mozarthaus
with Violent Devoties & Veritas Mentis

20.10.2001 in Vienna (AUT), TÜWI
with Blackend, Midgard & Mar

19.10.2001 in Gleisdorf (AUT), Kulturkeller
with Midgard & Sore

22.09.2001 in Vienna (AUT), Schacht 6
666 Party
with Vanitas, Sprawlcosm & Taish

14.07.2001 in Wr. Neustadt (AUT), Open Air
Hell on Earth Festival
with Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, The Crown, Dark Funeral, etc.

30.06.2001 in Klagenfurt (AUT), Mozarthaus
with Khagan & Lunacy

03.06.2001 in Vienna (AUT), Zugabe
with Macabre, Groinchurn & Doomed Era

19.05.2001 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum
with Seeds of Sorrow, Doomed Era & Pantheon

12.05.2001 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Seeds of Sorrow, Thirdmoon & Legacy of Hate

14.04.2001 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
with Pantheon & Delete

01.04.2001 in Bruck/Mur (AUT), Eduard Schwarz Haus
with Visions of Atlantis, Sanguis & Plenty Suffering

25.03.2001 in Graz (AUT), Orpheum
with Visions of Atlantis & Violent Devoties

20.01.2001 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with NPC & Black Prophecy

13.01.2001 in Feldbach (AUT), Mehrzweckhalle
with Visions of Atlantis, Impurity, Bloodfeast & Pantheon

25.11.2000 in Oberwart (AUT), OHO
with Haggard, Black Prophecy & Mephisto’s Revenge

21.10.2000 in Trofaiach (AUT), Treff
with Impurity & La Resistance

01.10.2000 in Vienna (AUT), Arena
with NPC, Septicemia, Parental Advisory & Angel’s Decay

30.09.2000 in Mürzzuschlag (AUT), Hot
with Astaroth, Taish & Atenoux

17.08.2000 in Forchtenstein (AUT), Burg Forchtenstein
with Nirvana Teen Spirit, Error of Echoes & supports

04.08.2000 in Vienna (AUT), Arena
with Darkside, Punishment, Piranha & Embodiment

14.07.2000 in Gleisdorf (AUT), Stadtsaal
with Visions of Atlantis, Sanguis, Autumn Clan & Agent Orange

27.05.2000 in Graz (AUT), Club Q
with Asmodeus & Dominus Satanas

20.05.2000 in Vienna (AUT), Weberknecht
with Punishment & NPC

19.05.2000 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Black Prophecy & Scavenger

01.04.2000 in Bruck/Mur (AUT), Eduard Schwarz Haus
with Doomed Era, Pantheon & Mephisto’s Revenge

11.03.2000 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Immortal Rites, Pantheon & Deadly Embrace

11.02.2000 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum
with Skull Crusher, Doomed Era & Pantheon

30.01.2000 in Deutschlandsberg (AUT), Lassnitzhaus
with Black Prophecy, Dionysos & No Fate

17.12.1999 in Vienna (AUT), Planet Music Café
with Pantheon

30.10.1999 in Feldbach (AUT), Volkshaus
with Mephisto’s Revenge & Deadly Embrace

08.10.1999 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Mephisto’s Revenge & Golgotha

09.07.1999 in Wartberg (AUT), Open Air
Rock Shock Festival
with Colp, Locomotive, Pantheon & supports

08.05.1999 in Trofaiach (AUT), Treff
with HI-IQ

17.04.1999 in Graz (AUT), Explosiv
with Black Prophecy & Heumond

26.03.1999 in Bruck/Mur, Eduard Schwarz Haus
with Pantheon & supports

13.03.1999 in Bruck/Mur (AUT), Schlossberg Stollen
with HI-IQ & Trainleaders

12.02.1999 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum
with Skull Crusher, System Absurd & Pantheon

23.01.1999 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
with Pantheon

09.01.1999 in Deutschlandsberg (AUT), Lassnitzhaus
with Crack Up, Skull Crusher & Bloodfeast

12.12.1998 in Leoben (AUT), Kammersaal
with System Absurd, Pantheon, High Voltage & HI-IQ

26.09.1998 in Trofaiach (AUT), Kunterbunt
with System Absurd

22.03.1998 in Bruck/Mur (AUT), Eduard Schwarz Haus
with Pantheon & Lithostrotos

13.02.1998 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum
with Pantheon, Infernal Legion & Godsize

24.01.1998 in Trieben (AUT), Stadthalle
with Impurity & Osiris

13.12.1997 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
with Pantheon & Lithostrotos

12.12.1997 in Trofaiach (AUT), Treff
with Pantheon & Live Size

04.07.1997 in Krieglach (AUT), Stadtpark
with Pantheon & supports

28.06.1997 in Kapfenberg (AUT), Bunte Fabrik
with Pantheon & Heumond

14.06.1997 in Trofaiach (AUT), Treff
with System Absurd & Morbidity

02.05.1997 in Leoben (AUT), Truschner Halle
with Ekpyrosis & System Absurd

13.04.1996 in Leoben (AUT), Spektrum
with Spongs & Fate

08.04.1995 in Trofaich (AUT), Treff
with The Hell Foundation